Save the Princess

princess Diana hijacked!

The red turkolacs rule over the lands and forests of the red planet! They are a blend of bloodthirsty werewolves and the people once lived in these lands – turlacs known for their cheerful but moody character!

Their king – King Tsvetan – glimpsed by chance princess Diana earlier today and fell in love with her at first sight. So he decided to marry her asap. His Guardian, the unbeatable Rex, tighted her up and carried her away to King’s castle, where he guards her watchfully. Noone can beat him. Not even one hundred mere mortals!

… Unless

Unless you attack him simultaneously from three different sides with the three most deadly weapons hidden in three different parts of the red planet!

Let God be with you in your mission, noble warriors!

  • Bikers, go to the square;
  • Singers, find the letters;
  • The others take the jeeps in front of your hotel
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